3D Design

Design for Proposal

3D design for a proposed system gives our customers an opportunity to see the test system before it is built. This allows for better planning and refinement of a project before the hardware is ever even purchased; saving our customers time and money. 3D proposals are designed to match the real life dimensions 100% so when build time comes there are no issues.

3D-Printed Solutions

3D printing solutions gives us the flexibility to make custom solutions that are tailor made to solve specific problems. 3D printing’s speed of design to implementation allows multiple iterations of physical designs so customers are 100% satisfied with the final result.
Some problems 3D printing can solve:
  • Mounting devices where no off the shelf mount is available
  • Custom enclosures that fit the exact form factors of small projects
  • Pre-manufacturing testing, only send out your design to be machined once
  • Custom Connector shrouds